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10 Ways to Recognize National Doctors Day 2024

Amelia Wilcox
January 31, 2024
October 9, 2022

March 30th is National Doctors Day 2024—a much-deserved celebration for doctors worldwide. Read on for a brief history of Doctor Appreciation Day and Doctors Day ideas.  

The History of National Doctors Day

Back in 1933, National Doctors Day was observed the very first time in Winder, Georgia. According to the official National Doctors Day website, Eudora Brown Almond started the tradition by sending greeting cards to physicians and leaving flowers on the graves of physicians that had passed.

Also called Dr Appreciation Day, this holiday has been an official United States holiday since 1990.

Doctor Appreciation Day Ideas: 10 Best Ways to Celebrate

HR teams at hospitals and medical clinics across the country are looking for ways to celebrate their dedicated physicians.

But what do doctors want? A shiny new stethoscope? Just a card? A bouquet of flowers?

If you're at a loss, here are 10 awesome ways you can celebrate National Doctors Day this year.

Whether you have a large or small budget for your National Doctors Day celebration, you'll find something here you can manage.

1. Hand out National Doctors Day awards

Keep it simple with a nicely printed and framed award for each of your physicians. Acknowledge each medical provider for their individual strengths.

2. Do a National Doctors Day spotlight on social media

Share your appreciation for your physicians on social! Share photos of your doctors being awesome. Tag them and tell them how thankful you are to have them as part of your team!

3. Celebrate Doctor Appreciation Day virtually

Celebrate your doctors over a video call and enjoy a fun social event online. Invite your health care providers' friends and family to join as well. Perhaps enjoy a National Doctors Day happy hour or do a guided meditation or yoga session together! You could also reflect on how much good your doctors have done for patients since Doctor Appreciation Day 2020.  

physician wearing mask—EAP counseling for nurses

4. Give signed appreciation cards from staff and patients

Your doctors touch a lot of lives and many of their patients are probably more than happy to show their appreciation. Leave blank cards in your reception area and encourage patients to fill one out while they wait for their appointment. They can leave them with front desk staff before they leave.

5. Provide a mid-day on-site car detailing service

Who doesn't appreciate a clean car at the end of a long workday? Find a local car detailing service to show up in your parking lot during the day. Gather keys from your physicians and they can enjoy a freshly detailed car on their way home.

Detailing services could include an exterior wash and polish, as well as interior vacuuming and dusting.

6. Tokens of appreciation for Doctors Appreciation Day

How you celebrate Dr Appreciation Day doesn't have to be extravagant. A simple stylish lapel pin for your doctors' white coats, a new insulated coffee mug, or a nice pen set are easy ways to say thank you. Send your physicians Amazon or Starbucks gift cards.

7. Gift flowers or food baskets

Deliver a bouquet of flowers to your doctors' offices or even to their homes. For a yummier treat, consider a basket of local seasonal goodies like honey, fruit, wine, artisan bread, and cheese.

8. Provide onsite massage for National Doctors Day

If there's anyone who needs an occasional massage, it's doctors. An on-site massage company can provide chair massage services for Dr Appreciation Day. Massages can happen throughout the day on either a first-come, first-served basis or on a pre-determined schedule.

One-time message events can help your employees reduce the effects of stress, loosen up tight muscles, and prevent some worksite injuries.

9. Provide an employee wellbeing platform

Doctors need to take care of their wellbeing and mental health, too! With such demanding jobs, doctors would benefit from an employee wellbeing app like Nivati to help decrease stress.

With Nivati, physicians can also gain access to teletherapy or life coaches to help them reach their personal goals and cope with the stressors of their jobs.

Read our article on mental health for nurses and physicians in general for more details on counseling and mental health.

10. Allow a day off

What your doctors may most want for their special day is to just relax! Consider offering a free day off for your doctors can use at any time. While you probably can't have all your physicians gone at once, you might be able to stagger the days, or even offer half-days off.

Learn how National Doctors Day is celebrated across the world for even more ideas!

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Celebrate Doctor Appreciation Day in Your Own Way

There are great ways to combine a few of these ideas, like a signed card from each patient plus a bouquet of flowers.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate National Doctors Day, be sure to at least say thank you to your physicians and other medical practitioners. We hope these Doctors Day ideas were helpful for you!

Happy National Doctors Day!

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