A Mental Health Platform for Every Employee

The best businesses are built by mentally fit employees. Give them the tools they need to thrive with Nivati, the comprehensive mental health and wellness platform.
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Help Your Employees Grow—See How

When companies support and talk about mental health, huge culture shifts and better results follow. See how others are benefiting from Nivati.

Employees are Demanding More Support

81% of employees in the United States seek to work for companies that actively support employee mental health. See how Nivati addresses wellbeing across six dimensions of wellbeing.
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Proactive Wellbeing Solutions
Come with Returns

Employees that receive mental health care through their employer are healthier, happier, and more productive. Use the slider to see how much Nivati can help your team.
10 employees
Employees Suffering
Employees Suffering
of your employees are suffering from anxiety, depression, and poor mental health. With 50% of employees never mentioning their struggle, you likely have XX employees whom have kept their struggle quiet.
Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity
days of productivity can be recouped from a proactive wellbeing programs. Right now, your company could be losing up to XX days of work from suffering employees without the proper support.
Savings icon
in potential savings is possible from a mental health and wellness program. Without a mental health program, you could be losing up to $XX per year from absenteeism, presentism, and healthcare costs.

See a 4:1 ROI on Mental Health Benefits

Invest in your people and your future.
Provide More Tools

Provide More Tools

50% of Millennials and 75% of Gen Z have left their job due to mental health reasons. Mental health support is one of the top benefits and culture characteristics employees are looking for.
Reduce Burnout

Reduce Burnout

3/4 of people have experienced burnout at their current job. Creating a culture that puts mental health first will encourage employee self-care, greatly reducing burnout.
Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

Prioritizing mental health at work builds a community where employees feel safe being themselves, helping to increase engagement on the job.
Increase Job Satisfaction

Increase Employee Retention

Employees are expecting their whole being to be supported by their employer—including their mental health. Companies who provide this support see higher recruiting and retention rates.
It's a Small Price for Mentally Fit Employees

It Costs the Same as a Venti Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk

Mental health and wellness programs can bring a lasting impact to your employees' focus, productivity, and company culture—it's a small price to pay for mentally fit employees.

Positive Mental Health Transforms Companies

reduction in missed work days
reduction in missed work days
experienced improved work performance
experienced improved work performance
feel more motivated at work
feel more motivated at work
of people who attend therapy feel better
of people who attend therapy feel better

Stop Stacking Programs. Start Being Well.

Reach More Employees

Reaching More Employees

We are dedicated to providing a great mental health program that supports everyone in your organization. With Nivati, your dedicated Success Manager will work with you to promote positive mental health at your company.
Provide More Tools

Providing More Tools

Nivati provides your team with multiple ways to engage with educational content, tools, and licensed providers. We provide live and on-demand mental wellness and wellbeing content in six areas to help employees feel better on and off the job.
Remove the Barriers

Removing the Barriers

With more tools and more access, Nivati provides ample ways for employees to start their mental health journey. We make it easy to see our providers without fear, without a middle-man, and without stigma. It’s 100% private and confidential.

Preventative, Proactive Support Designed to Help Everyone

EAPs can be helpful, but they were designed for emergencies, and don't get to the root of the problem. Nivati's holistic and simple platform is designed to help employees before they reach a crisis.
Preventative SupportProactive Support
With More Ways for Employees to Engagenivati logo
Need Help?
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More Ways for
Employees to Engage

Leave behind low utilization rates and take your employee mental health and wellbeing initiatives to the next level.
Average EAP engagement
Average EAP engagement
Nivati platform engagement
Nivati platform engagement

Global Support for Global Teams

Concerned about benefit equity issues with your global team? Don’t be. Nivati is available in multiple languages in countries all across the globe.
world mapGlobal Support for Global Teams

Start the Conversation

Employee mental health is crucial to the success of your organization. We can help you meet their needs.

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