We’re Making Mental Health Benefits Easier

We make it simple. With wellbeing tools for every employee, Nivati is the solution benefits consultants can feel confident sharing with their clients.

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Employees are demanding mental health and wellness benefits from their employers. It is time that mental health became a staple benefit. Do you have the right solution to present to your clients?
Mental Health Benefits are in High Demand81% of employees want mental health benefits

Mental Health Starts with a Paradigm Shift

Executives Take Charge

Mental health adoption starts from the top down. Nivati provides management training so that leaders know how to talk to employees about mental health.
Understand the Benefits

Nivati works with internal teams and managers to promote the benefits of mental health and bring positive culture change.
Improve Communication

Mental health programs can help improve interoffice relationships at all levels. It's a key benefit to improved culture, conflict resolution, and teamwork.
Increase Productivity

When people are happier they perform better. Talking about mental health and offering Nivati can add value to annual reviews, manager 1:1 meetings, and beyond.
Supported and Promoted

Nivati is built to help HR leaders roll out mental health benefits and culture change. Our success team will support your clients and help drive utilization.

Nivati Can Be a Value-Add to Existing EAPs and TeleDoc services

Nivati adds to existing programs and benefits to
create a complete wellness program for companies.
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Employees can see a counselor in under 48 hours
Zero booking limits
Continuity of care, plus self-pay options for employees
(self-pay, HSA, etc.)
Tools to support every major area of wellbeing
(physical health, financial wellbeing, nutrition, etc.)
Direct access to all content and providers, plus no 800 number for pre-approval requirement
No permissions requirements from HR or a gatekeeper
Options for on-demand discovery of topics before jumping right into a live conversation
Real-time insight into usage history, leading to better client reviews and increased chances of renewals

A Complete Approach to Mental Health

A Complete Approach to Mental HealthA Complete Approach to Mental Health
Nivati addresses every major area of wellbeing. Counseling is only one tool your employees need to build positive mental health. Beyond counseling, you can offer more tools across six core areas of wellbeing so more of your employees can actively work on their own mental health journey.

We provide live services and on-demand services in every category, plus many avenues for learning and development in every area.
our platform
Book Live Sessions
Book sessions with mental health professionals, coaches, financial coaches, and more.
Content Library
Access on-demand educational videos, guided practices, and PDF resources.
HR Insights
Learn how to support employees better and see how often employees are using Nivati.

Preferred by Businesses
Adored by Teams

From the 3 months I have taken over, we have seen participation, involvement, and want for this skyrocket! At any given [group mental health training] session, we have 40-50 people trying to sign up.
Marshall Oðinsson
Marshall Oðinsson
Senior Benefits & Wellness Specialist at National Debt Relief
The Nivati platform is simple, easy to use and our team loves having direct access to a variety of licensed counselors. We couldn't be happier with our utilization numbers!
Krystal Arnett
Krystal Arnett
HR Director at Homie
Nivati is an additional tool to help our team members feel a deep connection to Lendio, to their managers, to our leadership team—that we care about them individually!
Mark Santiago
Mark Santiago
Chief of Staff at Lendio
The number one source is stress and burnout. That is the problem that Nivati helps solve for us. Retention has become one of our biggest challenges. If we can retain 2 employees each year, that pays for the Nivati license.
Kathie Fuston
Kathie Fuston
Director of Human Resources at Moore County Hospital District
Nivati was very quick and easy for us to launch with our team. Engagement numbers are high and our employee wellbeing scores are improving already!
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts
Senior Director of HR at Venafi
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