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Nivati is a 100% remote office team with hundreds of providers from all over the world. Check out our job listings for more info.

Why Nivati is a Great Place to Work

Nivati’s mission is to provide a complete mental health solution for employees all over the globe. Come join our community and be a part of the solution.

Own It

We practice extreme
ownership. Prioritize,
execute, solve it.


We have a bias for action.
Make decisions and
take calculated risks.

Be the Dog Food

We practice we preach.
We are mentally
fit and resilient.

A David in
Goliath’s World

We have an indomitable
spirit. We are nimble.

Rookies 4 Life

We are perpetual learners.
Growth > comfort.
We are learners, not knowers.

Provider Positions

Learn more about our part-time, flexible provider positions.
Wellness Providers

Wellness Providers

Set your own schedule and work with us as a life coach, nutritionist, fitness coach, yoga teacher, and more!
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We do all the heavy lifting.
Enter your availability and start
meeting with new clients.
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Massage Therapist


Accept appointments that work with your schedule. Start meeting with new clients.
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Perks for Providers

Collect accrued paid time off
Work when and where you'd like
Lots of opportunities for career advancement
50% pay for same-day job cancellations
Get hired as a W2 employee
(United States employees only)
Reimbursement for job-to-job mileage and massage supplies for onsite services
Work in your remote office
Paid parking at job sites for onsite services
Opportunities to create videos, blog posts, and other forms of content for Nivati

Provider FAQs

Are there opportunities for growth?
Yes! There will be opportunities to increase the hours you are working and also move into different positions with the company as we grow.
Do I have to be fully licensed to be a provider?
You do not have to be fully licensed, however, you need to at least have your Associate License, be in the process of getting fully licensed, and must provide your own supervisor. We are not able to offer supervision at this time.
What will my schedule look like?
Your schedule and what hours you choose to open up for availability is completely up to you. You will receive training to learn how to enter your available days/times, and then the clients will schedule from your listed hours and you will receive an email letting you know that a session was booked. Please note: this is not a full time position. You may have very few hours, especially in the beginning as we are growing.
Will I receive training?
Paid training is provided on our systems and how to navigate everything you will need to begin working for Nivati. Peer groups and meetings are available for additional training, but are not required.
Do I need to have my own insurance?
You do not need to provide your own insurance. As a W2 employee, you are insured under Nivati.
What equipment will I need to have?
You will need to have a HIPAA compliant space to conduct the therapy session, and a computer with a camera to work from, but we will provide everything else—the Zoom link, a space and structure to leave therapy notes, and all the client consent forms.

Preferred by Businesses
Adored by Teams

The Nivati platform is simple, easy to use and our team loves having direct access to a variety of licensed counselors. We couldn't be happier with our utilization numbers!
Krystal Arnett
Krystal Arnett
HR Director at Homie
Nivati is an additional tool to help our team members feel a deep connection to Lendio, to their managers, to our leadership team—that we care about them individually!
Mark Santiago
Mark Santiago
Chief of Staff at Lendio
From the 3 months I have taken over, we have seen participation, involvement, and want for this skyrocket! At any given [group mental health training] session, we have 40-50 people trying to sign up.
Marshall Oðinsson
Marshall Oðinsson
Senior Benefits & Wellness Specialist at National Debt Relief
The number one source is stress and burnout. That is the problem that Nivati helps solve for us. Retention has become one of our biggest challenges. If we can retain 2 employees each year, that pays for the Nivati license.
Kathie Fuston
Kathie Fuston
Director of Human Resources at Moore County Hospital District
Nivati was very quick and easy for us to launch with our team. Engagement numbers are high and our employee wellbeing scores are improving already!
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts
Senior Director of HR at Venafi
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Corporate Careers

Working on Nivatiwelcome to nivati

Working on Nivati

Come join our awesome community of mental health nerds.

Perks for corporate employees

Full and part-time work options
Work when and where you’d like
Stock options
Growth opportunities
Work in your remote office
Corporate office openings

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