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Online Yoga Classes

Amelia Wilcox
October 28, 2020
October 9, 2022

More and more people are heading online to make connections, stay motivated, find community, and keep healthy. Even before COVID-19 our world was shifting online, but now it's become virtual even faster! Companies have shifted to remote work, and many yoga teachers now offer online guided yoga classes--whether virtual or live. Including these virtual yoga classes as part of your employee assistance program can be a great way to keep your remote workforce healthy. Curious what the benefits of offering virtual yoga classes are?

Learn more about the physical and mental effects of virtual yoga classes!  

Improve strength and flexibility

A remote team may need some extra support keeping their bodies feeling good, as they transition into a non-traditional workspace. Offering online yoga classes as part of your employee assistance program can help. Some results are improved posture while sitting at a desk and alleviating lower back pain by strengthening muscles that support core strength. It’s also wonderful for increased flexibility, which can help open up tight hips and lower back -- a common result of deskwork. Adding a quick guided yoga class into your remote workday can have huge benefits on the bodies of your staff, and with virtual classes they couldn’t be easier to schedule.  

Yoga at work

Stress less

83% of U.S. workers report being stressed at work, and a midday virtual yoga class as a break can help! Stress isn’t good for employees, and it affects employers too. Stressed staff are less productive, unfocused, and not as creative. Yoga eases stress and promotes relaxation. That makes it a great addition to your employee assistance program. In fact, multiple studies have shown that it can decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Choosing teachers that incorporate meditation and breathing exercises and can tailor your virtual practice to your workplace stress reducing needs, will take your guided yoga practice to a whole new level of effectiveness!

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Build office community with an employee assistance program

When working remotely it's easy to feel disconnected from your team. Virtual yoga sessions are the team building activity you need! Engage with your yoga teacher, ask questions, watch your coworkers learn downward dog (you can keep your video off if you're camera-shy!). You'll progress in your yoga practice as a team and enjoy an energizing experience with your colleagues.

Healthy breaks

Remote staff tend to take fewer disconnected-from-work breaks. This can harm their productivity, happiness and mental health. Therefore, scheduling a wellness activity such as virtual yoga classes in your staff’s day assures that they take the healthy breaks they need in order to do their best work! Employee assistance programs that include group guided yoga are a great way to give your staff an awesome experience they’ll enjoy, while making sure they completely step away from work.  

How we can help

We offer the easiest way to incorporate virtual yoga into your employee assistance program! While traditional employee assistance programs only offer short counseling and therapy sessions, we know what your employees really want. That's why we offer up the benefits of virtual yoga, as preventative stress management for your employees. Our interactive classes are perfect for all levels, even beginners. Classes are personalized and focus on specific fitness and health goals that pertain to your team members. Choose between one-on-one sessions or small group classes. Your staff will be able to ask questions, make requests, and receive helpful cues and feedback from the yoga teachers. Start experiencing all the benefits of virtual yoga classes today!

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Amelia Wilcox
Amelia Wilcox
Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, a leader in corporate massage and employee mental health support since 2010. Her high-growth B2B company provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and positive employee experiences to improve wellbeing, boost morale, and increase engagement. Amelia has exponentially grown her company from a solo living-room service business to an international technology brand.