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Mental Health Program Options for All Companies

Direct to Business
Ideal for 200+ Employees
Finally, a wellness solution designed with SMBs in mind. Provide a complete wellbeing solution for your employees and their families. With flexible pricing, don't worry about the 'use-it-or-lose-it" stress.
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Small and National Firms
Nivati works directly with benefits brokers and consultants to bring the most innovative wellness and mental health tools to your clients. Providing EAP and preventative services in one easy app.
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Higher Education
Students, Faculty, and Staff
Available as a whole campus solution, Nivati can work on your campus. Bring mental health benefits to faculty, staff, student, or specific departments. Flexible pricing makes it easy for all populations on campus
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Flexible Pricing Options

Work with our solution specialists to create the best plan for you. You can choose how many live services you want to provide every employee—including massage therapy.
Step 1

Start with our Platform

All employees can gain direct access to our platform with 100s of resources, guides, and content.

• Unlimited, on-demand access to video courses
• Ongoing new releases
• Downloadable resource library
• Gamification, leaderboards, and badges
• Executive dashboard to measure utilization
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Choose Your Access to Live 1-on-1 or Group Sessions
Step 2

Provide Access to Our Professionals and Providers

We give you the most flexibility in providing professional mental health services to your team. Choose from two pricing models. With both, employees will be able to participate in 1-on-1 and group sessions.
Prepaid Bundle
Prepay a bank of discounted hours employees collectively draw from.
Self Pay Model
Once the pre-paid credits are used employees shift to a self-pay option.
Step 3

Immediate Crisis and Support Lines

24/7 availability of trained and licensed professionals,  committed to providing immediate support and guidance.

• Accessible through phone and chat
• Access to unlimited care resources

With the Crisis Support Line, our goal is to ensure that individuals facing crises have a reliable resource to turn to during difficult times.
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See a 4:1 ROI on Mental Health

Comprehensive wellness benefits aren’t just a benefit. They are fuel for a thriving business. Investing in your employees will bring a greater value and will contribute to your overall success.

Reduce absenteeism and presenteeism

Increase engagement and productivity

Reduce burnout and turnover

Increase morale and satisfaction

Reduce healthcare costs

Support retention and recruiting efforts