Students & Faculty
Are Experiencing  Poor Mental Health


Prioritizing Mental Health on Campus

Foster a supportive and inclusive environment for students and faculty with our platform. Access comprehensive mental health programs and support services for a more meaningful mental health support.

Integrating Mental Health
and Academic Success on Campus

Nivati is a single solution supporting both sides of education. With faculty and students using the same solution creates a flywheel - the faculty have support, and also know where to direct students for support.

Faculty + Staff
2 out of 10
Teachers say that supporting students' mental health has taken a toll on their own mental health.
When looking at universities, there is an additional burden on your faculty. Studies show that faculty are supporting student mental health.“Almost 80% of faculty have had 1:1 phone, video, or email conversations with students in the past 12 months regarding student mental health.” according to the Mary Christie Institute. 
Support Faculty who become the frontlines to student mental health
Facilitate group workshops and training sessions
Provide tools and techniques that can help themselves and their students
Become a space for faculty and staff to practice mindfulness.
of students cite mental health as a reason to drop out.
Mental health is a huge issue costing universities millions yearly in lost tuition. According to NAMI, 33% of students drop out of their undergrad program. Of those dropouts, 65% cite mental health as their reason for dropping out.
Easy access with mobile friendly platform
Trainings and workshops to learn with peers
Private, secure and completely confidential support.
Teach life-long mindfullness skills.

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We Offer Everything You Need to Unlock Your Well-being Potential

Instead of siloed, individual platforms  for meditation, financial wellness, coaching, mental health, and crisis care, your campus can go to a single place
for their wellness needs.
Providers help students and faculty build emotional regulation skills. Practice mindfulness techniques, and receive behavioral therapy
A healthy body is essential to a healthy mind. Students, Faculty and Staff can try out classes in yoga, fitness, sleep, nutrition and more
Life coaches help Students, Faculty and Staf find their “why” in life. reach their goals, manage time, and overcome obstacles they face.
Learn how to set boundaries, connect with others, and improve their relationship at school, work, and home
Money is one of the top stressors anyone on campus faces. Students, Staff and Faculty can learn financial literacy, budgeting, or building a financial plan.
Set your Students and Faculty up with skills to create work-life balance, overcome imposter syndrome, or enhance productivity

Diverse Providers and Experts

We bring together a team of highly qualified professionals covering a broad range of disciplines, including mental health, nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and more. Our Professional include the following expertise: 
Financial coaches
Fitness Trainers
Yoga Instructors
Meditation Facilitators
Life Coaches
Careers Guides

We Value Diversity 
With Our Providers

Diversity is a core focus for Nivati. Racial diversity, diversity of backgrounds, specialties, and languages are all areas of focus for Nivati to ensure members can connect with the type of provider they need.

Currently, 60% of Nivati's therapists are BIPOC, they speak many languages, and use over 30 different therapeutic approaches. It’s vital to ensure employees can find the right providers to fit their needs so they can get the care they need.

Its Easy To Book

Everyone has their own personal login to the app. When a session needs to be booked, users can schedule themselves instantly through the app 24/7. Providers have next-day availability. Students and employees can also schedule future appointments with the same provider, or switch to another.

Log in with email address.


Select a provider


Select the date and time

Everything is Private and Confidential

Complete Content Library to Supplement Support

Explore our content library filled with valuable resources to complement and enhance the support you receive. From insightful lessons and exercises to practical guides and blog posts, our extensive collection covers a wide range of topics to help you on your wellness journey.

Other Key Features

Quick hit list of everything else
Students and Faculty can talk to a counselor in under 24 hours
Zero booking limits is possible
Available for on campus, online and remote campus student
Dedicated support team helps drive engagement
Direct access to all content and providers
No permissions requirements or paperwork to start
Options for on-demand discovery of topics before jumping right into a live conversation
Every user has personal login
Retain the same provider, or switch when you want.
Dedicated and customizable workshop to book for everyone, or select groups
Utilization dashboards
WCAG 2.1 AA Standards
SSO Integrations are available
LMS Integrations available

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Mental health is essential for a thriving  institution and we are here to support your Students and Faculty in their wellness journey.

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