Nivati Recognized on 2023 Shatter List

Nivati Recognized on the 2023 Shatter List for Breaking the Glass Ceiling with Incredible Support for Women and BIPOC

David Malmborg
April 27, 2023
April 26, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - April 27th, 2023 - Nivati, the employee wellbeing platform, has been honored with a spot on the 2023 Shatter List award by the Women Tech Council for their exceptional commitment to creating a culture of inclusion and removing barriers for women in the workplace.

The Shatter List award recognizes companies that have demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting and empowering women in technology. Nivati’s remarkable  female leadership, led by Founder and CEO Amelia Wilcox, has created an exceptional workplace where women can grow and thrive. Through the innovative approach, Nivati is providing wellbeing tools like therapy, life coaching, and financial coaching to employees worldwide.

Wilcox, who has been open about her personal experiences with mental health drives her to support other women. “I’ve learned that our mental health does not define our worth. We all deserve health and the ability to meet with providers that can help us. And that drives all that we do at Nivati. Currently, 60% of Nivati’s therapists are BIPOC, speak 8 languages, and use 31 different therapeutic approaches that Nivati members can choose from.”

“I am thrilled and honored that Nivati has been recognized on the 2023 Shatter List by the Women Tech Council," said Wilcox. “If it weren’t for the outstanding female mentors I met along the way, Nivati wouldn’t be here. Providing job opportunities and wellbeing services for women and BIPOC is especially important to us at Nivati. Tight-knit communities and inclusion are critical for wellbeing, and we are thrilled to be a part of creating that for so many people.”

The winners of the 2023 Shatter list were recognized at the Talent Innovation Summit on April 27th in Utah. 

In addition, Nivati has also earned top performer awards from G2 Crowd and Shortlister, including High Performer in the G2 Crowd Spring Vendor list for Wellbeing Apps, and a Top Performer in Shortlister’s Q2 list for Behavioral Health, Counseling, and Mental Wellbeing.

About Nivati

Nivati is a comprehensive wellness solution for companies looking to prioritize employee wellbeing. With Nivati, employees thrive with a comprehensive, multi-pronged wellness app that provides direct access to wellbeing tools, activities, and our network of professional providers. Unlike traditional EAPs, companies and HR teams benefit by managing fewer vendors while providing more opportunities to improve the wellness of their employees. Unlike other wellness platforms, Nivati reduces friction to receiving wellness support, plus boosts employee engagement, retention, and overall performance. 

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