L. David Kingsley, CPO at Intercom Joins Nivati’s Board of Directors, Ready to Accelerate Growth - headshot of L. David Kingsley

L. David Kingsley, CPO at Intercom Joins Nivati’s Board of Directors, Ready to Accelerate Growth

David Malmborg
April 19, 2023
April 18, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - April 19, 2023 - Nivati, the leading holistic mental health program for the workplace, announced today that seasoned Human Resources executive L. David Kingsley has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Supporting Nivati’s leadership in the movement to prioritize mental health, Kingsley will serve the company as it continues to build an employee wellbeing platform that meets the needs of HR teams and employees in organizations around the world. Enhancing leaders’ ability to support their people, Nivati provides in-depth company culture support.

Currently the Chief People Officer of Intercom, Kingsley previously held the position of Senior Vice President of Global HR Strategy and Operations at Salesforce. His experience with both public and private global organizations will help guide Nivati as they continue to expand their international services.

Kingsley’s areas of expertise include organizational design, change management, leadership development, HR strategy and operations, and organizational culture. These incredible skill sets, along with Kingsley’s passion for wellbeing, make him a perfect fit for the Nivati Board. “As we entered the pandemic a few years ago, it became so clear to me what a need there was for better mental health care for employees. Fortunately, thanks now to companies like Nivati, there is far less stigma about seeking and benefiting from mental health support,” said Kingsley.

Kingsley’s focus will be on helping Nivati support not only employees but executives and leadership teams teams as well, as he noted: “There has never been a more important time for leaders to support their people from a mental health and wellbeing perspective. Nivati is at the forefront of tailored, personalized and human-centric care, delivered at the point of need, and I'm honored to be in service to Amelia Wilcox as the CEO and to the company that is doing this critical work. The more companies, organizations, and schools that make mental health and whole-person care accessible, the better off we will all be as humans, as community members, and as a society.”

“We’re excited to welcome David to our Board for his unique insights as an HR professional. His support will help us bring even more value to leaders and their people, encouraging them to bring their whole, true, healthy selves to work,” said Wilcox.

About Nivati

Nivati is a comprehensive wellness solution for companies looking to prioritize employee wellbeing. With Nivati, employees thrive with a comprehensive, multi-pronged wellness app that provides direct access to wellbeing tools, activities, and our network of professional providers. Unlike traditional EAPs, companies and HR teams benefit by managing fewer vendors while providing more opportunities to improve the wellness of their employees. Unlike other wellness platforms, Nivati reduces friction to receiving wellness support, plus boosts employee engagement, retention, and overall performance. 

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