Incorporate Massage Makes Massages Accessible to Workers

Amelia Wilcox
February 4, 2015
October 18, 2022

For the first time, corporate massage programs can reach employees in industries outside of the typical desk jobs.

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 3, 2015 — The benefits of massage in the workplace are clear. More and more companies are lining up to bring this service into their offices. Until now, corporate massage has been limited to deskbound workers, where scheduling and payments can be done from a desktop computer, excluding the manufacturing industry, among others where on-the-go employees don’t have access.

Incorporate Massage, known for their cutting edge applications of technology in a hands-on industry, is expanding their tech platform yet again. BreakTime, their new mobile app, changes everything. For the first time ever, workers without a desktop connection can schedule, cancel, or pay for a massage from their mobile devices. BreakTime brings Incorporate Massage’s full service program to workers and industries who didn’t have access to it before.

“Massage in the workplace is a huge health and productivity enhancer,” says Incorporate Massage’s Founder and CEO Amelia Wilcox. “We want to make sure that everyone in the office can experience that, regardless of whether or not they work at a computer.”

Because of the sheer number of employees at many organizations, availability for corporate massage is often limited. Appointments are decided on a first-come-first serve basis, which gives people with computer access an advantage when it comes to scheduling, and leaves production line workers in the dark.

With BreakTime, corporate massage is an even playing field. At the desk, during the weekend, or from the warehouse, scheduling can happen anytime, anywhere. Plus, BreakTime’s features, like calendar integration make getting massage at the office a lot more convenient for the entire organization.

“Our job is to minimize a lot of the stress that comes with working and provide long term health for employees in a way that cuts down on health costs for organizations,” says Wilcox. “We want to reach as many workers and industries as possible. Everyone should enjoy a massage at work. It’s that simple.”

About Incorporate Massage

Incorporate massage provides seated chair massage to companies nationwide. Formed in 2010, the company is dedicated to delivering long-term health to employees and financial benefits to organization through their unique tech platform, with a dedicated team of professional, licensed massage therapists.

Amelia Wilcox
Amelia Wilcox
Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Nivati, a leader in corporate massage and employee mental health support since 2010. Her high-growth B2B company provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and positive employee experiences to improve wellbeing, boost morale, and increase engagement. Amelia has exponentially grown her company from a solo living-room service business to an international technology brand.